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Instantly Ageless Jeunesse has just officially launched Instantly Ageless Vials in Canada and USA!

This is great news, considering the fact that ( previously ) Canadians had to pay more expensive shipping as products had to be shipped from the USA.

Vials also have proved to be much more desirable as they could open and close the vials for future use!

There will now be savings, as logistics will be delivering from Canada, to Canada.

Canadians are not only well-recognized in the world to be very health and beauty conscious,

Canadians are also savvy online shoppers.

Thus it will make sense to only buy from the official Jeunesse website.

Buying from Amazon, Lazada, Qoo10 etc., would be a risky option, as numerous fake products are being sold there.


Founded in the USA a mere 7 years ago, now having expanded to more than a 120 countries worldwide.

Jeunesse Global has broken all records being one of the only few companies in the world to hit 1.1 billion dollars in sales in just 6 short years,

which puts Jeunesse Global standing with companies such as Google and Facebook.


For Canadian residents:

To Order, Simply visit the official webpage @ Jeunesse Global.

instantly ageless canada

Instant Ageless is what many view as a miracle cream which helps to

significantly remove wrinkles and eyebags.

However, the key for it to work properly, is in

the application method.

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