instantly ageless

Jeunesse Global is the company and creator behind the amazing Instantly Ageless Jeunesse eye bag and wrinkle cream.

It was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis six years ago in the USA.

Starting from humble beginnings, this company is now a 1.1 billion dollar company.

And all of this happened in just 6 years. Amazing feat for a new company to cross a billion in sales, in just six years.


Behind the scenes, are top doctors researching on it’s products.

One doctor, Dr Vincent Giamapapa, was nominated not once, but twice as a Nobel Prize Nominee.

His extensive and in depth study and research, was on how Stem Cells can reverse our natural aging process.

Due to the food we eat, and growing pollution in the world, our bodies tend to age faster than we think.

However, his study has found a way that we can actually reverse or slow down the natural aging process.